Achieve a Flawless Installation

Smart Tint® Advanced Glass Cleaner

Cleans All Glass Materials – Smart Tint® Cleaner strengthens and cleans any glass its applied to.

Superior Cleaning

Our cleaner spray removes dust, dirt, and oils, providing an optimal surface for film installation.

Easy Application

Smart Tint Cleaner™ is Smart Tint® approved! We’re the only glass cleanly spray that’s certified to be used with Smart Tint®.

Safe for All Surfaces

Designed to be gentle yet effective, safe for use on installation surfaces.

Key Benefits of Smart Tint® Cleaner Spray


Enhanced Adhesion

Prepares the surface to ensure the best possible adhesion for your Smart Tint® film.


Streak-Free Finish

Leaves no residue, ensuring a clear and clean surface ready for film application.


Quick Drying Formula

Dries quickly to save you time and effort during the installation process.